Stronger Taste for Food
  • Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan 
  • Packaging : 100g
  • 100% Pure Natural Matcha Powder
  • Certified Halal
Kazumi matcha is produced from 100% Tencha from Japan, it's not from the first flush, therefore it has higher bitterness and lower umami.
Compare to Shizuoka Matcha, this matcha has higher bitterness but slightly deeper matcha color. If you love strong matcha taste, this matcha is good for you. It's normally not used for direct drinking because of strong flavour, but this is a good matcha for matcha dessert, matcha jam and baking etc. We recommend Kazumi matcha for baking, for matcha beverage such as matcha latte, we recommend Shizuoka matcha which has better aroma and umami.

Price  List of product :
RM 23.99 each 
RM 34.60 each 

RM 57.40 each 

RM 29.90 each
RM 59.90 each


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